About Manor Road

We empower people to lift their surroundings with a touch of modern elegance. Our design team sources and creates timeless, sophisticated designs to be applied across an ever-growing range of high-grade gift and homeware items; everyday products embellished with a distinguished aesthetic. It is the Manor Road mission to make the everyday, elegant.

About our designs

Our designs are influenced and inspired by timeless European art and fashion, but reinvigorated with a modern edge. Heritage colours, patterns and motifs of flora and fauna are grounding and familiar, but always with a contemporary twist to stay fresh and modern. Timeless styles for the modern-day household.

About our products

Where possible, Manor Road sources products from quality Australian suppliers and manufacturers. All of our products undertake stringent quality and safety testing, which gives you the assurance that Manor Road products are made to last, and are safe for both human use and production.

How we support our retailers

Manor Road is stocked in Australia across a range of leading specialty retail giftware and homeware stores. Stylish, considered packaging and sampling makes the Manor Road portfolio perfect for the retail environment. Low minimum order quantities and fast delivery times also accommodate first-time buyers and small to medium sized retailers. 

Our mission is to make the everyday elegant.


Our story

Manor Road began when founder Hannah Craddock discovered that the homeware designs that she loved were largely absent from the Australian market. As a frequent dinner host, she would often have to settle for napkins that weren’t in the elegant style that she loved. Realising that many other Australians were also missing out on this touch of everyday elegance, Hannah took it upon herself to fashion her own.

The first shipment of napkins arrived, available in three distinguished designs. After approaching a number of retail stores, these designs were received enthusiastically and orders were quickly placed. As the demand for Hannah’s designs grew, so did the demand for new products. Hannah listened closely to the requests and feedback from her partner stores and customers, using this to develop and refine her offering.

Soon, the demand for these new products meant that the business was too large for a single person. Her husband Jay Craddock, recognising the potential of her design capability, joined her. What started with napkins, quickly expanded to candles, hand-soaps, tea-towels and wax papers. Supported by Jay’s entrepreneurial mindset and commercial experience, Hannah’s passion for elegant design was transformed into the Manor Road establishment as we know it today.

The founders take  great pleasure in Manor Road’s successes in making the everyday elegant.